What will the money will be used for?

Easter Seals will be getting funds for my walk.  The other walker needs to let me know what Breast Cancer organization will be getting the funds.

We will use a portion of the funds to maintain our health, comfort and safety,(e.g.,food, replacement gear, cell phone for emergencies, etc.,) during the walk.  Any funds we get before we start will go to the project for getting the needed equipment and the remainder(which will hopefully be a far larger sum with your help) goes to charity.  After completion all funds left will be divided up and sent to the organizations we are doing this for–if you want all your funds to go to just one let us know and we will keep it separate earmarked specifically for donation to one of the chosen charities.

We will break down the budget 50/50 for most funds then any preferred funds will be held over to be directed to Easter Seals and Breast Cancer after the expenses of the walk itself are covered.   All remaining funds will be distributed to the listed charities with in 72 hours of finishing the walk.

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