Life problems

photo: Donald Lee Pardue For those of you who have not fallowed FB might want to know My dad has had some health problems (2 hart attacks in 1 week) The walk is still on jest posts are slow doing this at the hospital with only 12 hours of sleep … Continue reading

Encouragement and Motivation

With springtime here and summer rapidly approaching we find ourselves thinking about our yard and our houses are gardens and lastly the barbecues.  But there always seems something we forget in our lives and that would be encouraging people who are trying to do massive tasks, whether it be for … Continue reading


Why we have not started the walk yet?

I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight online and I realized something. Some people thought I was going to start the walk this year. I do apologize for the mistake in communication. The reason for that mistake was I was planning on doing it this year. But … Continue reading