So you wanted to know more about Desmond.
Well What can I say about Desmond and what he is doing on the staff page. (Speeking in 3rd person is hard lol)

Well he is the Webmaster, Founder, and One of the walkers. With that being said, there”s a few more things that you should know about him. One of the things that is kind of important to know are some of the daily struggles, he deals with well first off, yes, he does have disabilities, and most of the disabilities do not show themselves very well. We will give you the short list for this. Desmond happens to be dyslexic, dyspraxic, dysgraphic, suffers from chronic migraine headaches, intermittent hip problems, and many more things items listed are the most preminent problems.

Desmond was also in special education. He was in special-education time he was in third grade. Most is problems manifest themselves mildly to most people. The biggest problem he has dealing with the mainstream people is that they have a tendency to look at him like he is stupid. The reason for this is the combination of the dyslexia and dyspraxia and dysgraphia, it makes his penmanship almost impossible to read And his spelling horrid. With most people thinking because he cannot spell he is not educated. That could not be farther from the truth. He has two associate degrees, and two master”s degrees. So with society looking at him and treating them like he is stupid. It tends to frustrate him a little bit.

Desmond has always given a lot of time to the community in the form of community service. He worked with King County search and rescue in Washington state for about five years. He presently volunteers time to the Tooele County Utah emergency operation center.

Desmond is also a licensed amateur radio operator, otherwise known as a ham radio operator, he participates in several of the emergency communication clubs out there.

The Way, Desmond makes his money for living. If you want call it that, because most of it through affiliate marketing online. But like most affiliate marketers it is not a way to get rich. The reason why does this is the time you got to take off work for migraines and his problems would not let him keep a job. He wants to get into photography again, but cannot afford good camera to do it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this bio about Desmond Robertson

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