Greetings boys and girls,

My name is David Higgins, my job here is to help a good cause.

Desmond decided to give me a page on his website to tell you a little bit about myself.  I’d prefer not to go too deeply into who I am since some might find the imagery more disturbing than a chapter of Fifty Shades of Grey meets Where the Sidewalk Ends.  I am a web comic artist/writer who comes from the same neck of the woods as Desmond sometime back in the days of horrible grunge music, ugly flannel shirts, cutoff jean shorts and Doc Martin steel toed boots in a magical city called Seattle–I hate the entire grunge genre.  I run my own website creating a cartoon about space aliens attempting to grasp the twisted concepts of what is very real human behavior.

The hell with that though. Let’s just get to the reason I am here.  I wasn’t exactly recruited–I volunteered any and all of my available time, thoughts, and resources to help out Desmond with this project as I can.  It takes a bucket of balls to commit ones self physically to any sort of cause one undertakes.  And we disagree philosophically on a lot of things, I haven’t seen Desmond in person in years, but we share a few common bonds such as noble causes.

But back to me I guess. Honestly, I always thought writing my bio was pretty bland. I am an Artist and writer currently residing in New York originally from Tacoma Washington.   but counting back concerning my education chronologically I hold one degree in general studies from a community college in Salem Oregon where I trained as a student teacher, a vocational diploma in building repair, a National Defense Service medal from my short time in the U.S. Navy, and graduated high school at age 17.

Life was not always easy for me even achieving what little I did.  One of the biggest reasons I chose to help Desmond out because he is going to experience something I am not at all fond of which is homelessness–I just don’t want him to experience the other side of it.  Sure, he has a safety barrier in this endeavor, but I know homelessness all too well, having experienced this 5 times in my own life not by choice.  I want to make sure he is prepared for some of the consequences that will come.  But I don’t want him to be rejected or feel the cold that comes with the experience, I want him to know the good side of it of course when a stranger welcomes him in since his mission is entirely voluntary.

We all have causes to focus on I guess, maybe I will go into some of mine more at some point, but this focus is in the walk and Desmond’s reasons for his cause and I’ll end this here before it becomes a long winded rant.

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