This is where you can find info on Chad Almquist, the other Walker! Now not from the Walking Dead. He is still much alive.

Chad is 41 years old, from Federal Way, Wa.  He met Desmond back in Jr. High School.And has known him around 26 years.   Almost 2 years ago, Desmond asked Chad if he wanted to go on The Walk. He said Yes of course. Sometime later, Chad found out his mom, Nancy had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She came through ok and is in good health.

Chad also walks for his late dad Carl, who was a Veteran of the U.S. Army. He was disabled, and never fully recovered from his PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) So walking for Easter Seals is  close to him, as well as Jill’s Wish, This young woman Jill was diagnosed with breast cancer, and is struggling with this terrible disease. She started her organization to help ones that are going through the struggles of cancer.

Chad is a photographer and will be using his skills on The Walk.  He also is also avid walker. He does have several disabilities that will make this adventure a challenge. He lost most of his sight in his right eye and partially from his left from a bad infection.  For a photographer this is too a challenge to create beautiful imagery. Yet what his vision doesn’t  let him see with his eyes, His telephoto lens is able to bring it up close for him to see and capture.

Thank you for reading his profile.


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