Spring Walk

Do to the health of Desmond’s Dad, there has been a year long delay.  Well at least for the BIG ONE.  Chad and Desmond are going to do a smaller Walk this spring, Seattle WA to Tooele UT.  Part of this is to show you this is real. The other part is, Jill Conley right now needs everyone’s positive energy.She is doing much better with her last chemo treatment.   We will still be taking donations for the Spring Walk.  There will be a  NEW Donation link for this project soon.
The funds will be used this way (After cost on the road)  40% Jill’s Wish 40% to Desmond’s dad’s medical and 20% to the main walk.  (A side note anything over medical will go to the main walk out of the 40% for his dad)
The map can be found at The Spring Walk  Depart date for this is March 20 2014 it is the 1st day of spring and The Vernal Equinox.
We felt this would be good for a few reasons after all spring is the time of healing and rebirth.   And the weather should be good for us too.

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