Why we have not started the walk yet?

I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight online and I realized something. Some people thought I was going to start the walk this year. I do apologize for the mistake in communication. The reason for that mistake was I was planning on doing it this year. But … Continue reading

It is somebody’s Birthday Today!!!

Today  September 18, 2012 it is Desmond Robertson’s Birthday the founder of The US Walk. With today being Desmond’s birthday.  There are few things can do to show them your support.  First off, you see that nice little donation button in the upper right-hand corner of this website is and … Continue reading

Some thought process about this site and a few other plans

I was thinking about changing some of the main areas on this website. I was going to be moving some of the categories to a new area the area would be miscellaneous. The reason for that move would be so, that the less important areas would not be clogging up … Continue reading