108 days to go till we depart and still lacking funds

We have approximately 108 days to go until we leave on this trip.  I know to some a year.  That seems like a long time but we’re still lacking massive amounts of funds for equipment, let alone the seed capital needed to get food while we are walking. It is … Continue reading


Well, time is come for us to start seeking more sponsors. We will be writing a few letters to go off for future sponsors you see with summer fast approaching. We need to start. Some of more equipment together for training purposes. Along with making sure we have everything we … Continue reading

Why we have not started the walk yet?

I was talking to one of my friends earlier tonight online and I realized something. Some people thought I was going to start the walk this year. I do apologize for the mistake in communication. The reason for that mistake was I was planning on doing it this year. But … Continue reading