You might be wondering why I am doing a post on communications by figured anybody who does a transcontinental travel needs to realize that cell phones are not the most ideal for use at all times because we will be doing this walk from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington, we … Continue reading

108 days to go till we depart and still lacking funds

We have approximately 108 days to go until we leave on this trip.  I know to some a year.  That seems like a long time but we’re still lacking massive amounts of funds for equipment, let alone the seed capital needed to get food while we are walking. It is … Continue reading


I”ve been doing a lot planning about this blog and working on other things.  But I felt why do this walk there something that you have to do and I figured the needs be a way to let people know that”s what”s going on.  So what I”m going to be … Continue reading