Small post

The WP got a small bug that is messing with the display of the web site.  Should be fixed in a few hours.  Tell then the site will look like crap Sorry for the bad look.

108 days to go till we depart and still lacking funds

We have approximately 108 days to go until we leave on this trip.  I know to some a year.  That seems like a long time but we’re still lacking massive amounts of funds for equipment, let alone the seed capital needed to get food while we are walking. It is … Continue reading


Wow what do you know two posts back-to-back, I must be sick in the head. I came up with this crazy idea to use one of the affiliate program which is out there and one that deftly supports The Walk’s principles. So I have decided to give you a little … Continue reading


Walk across the United States of America.

Well, I just recently did a Google search for a few things. Mostly about terms I think should find this website. Amongst those terms are used. Walk across the United States, walk across America, walk across the United States of America, walk from coast-to-coast walk across the country, and anything … Continue reading

why we are asking for funds, even though we are not on the walk yet.

I know some of you may be wondering why we keep asking for funds but without funds.  We will not be able make this walk happen.  Well, let me correct that we will be making this walk with or without the funds.  If we happen to do without the funds … Continue reading