Here is a hart felt post found on a friend as a reply

A friend of mine is going thru a hard time this was a reply that was given to him .  I felt it should be put out there for more to see.  (Yes I got permission )

Whether you know it or not, your life is on hold right now. Everyone has to deal with ebbs and flows, highs and lows. But what most people don’t realize is that there is a stall between these two states. You’ve had a rough time recently, but things are starting to stabilize. You reached out and found help before you fell to far down the hole. And now you’ve hit the safety net. It was a little bouncey at first. You had to shake off the fall. And now, for a moment, you’re safe.
We all think think that moment when you first find safety is going to feel like a warm embrace. Hell no it ain’t.
Those first few moments after you stop bouncing in the net, they are disorientating.
You’re grasping at the net, your eyes are wide fucking open, and you’re startled a bit while you try to get you barrings. It’s stressful as hell.
And that’s where you are. On pause while you shake off the fall.
But I promise you, it only last a small amount of time. Soon you’ll start untangling yourself from the net, making your way to the edge, and that is when you’ll find your feet on steady ground. Figure out how to climb back up.

Justine is right though. You need some vitamin d. Over the next few days we should have sun breaks for an hour or so in the afternoon. Run out and soak it up. Find a bench to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and just take a moment to clear your head. Just enjoy that moment and realize for the time being, you are OK.
Time for stressful thoughts is later. You can cry yourself to sleep. But for that moment in the sun, you are OK. And now you can start working on being great

Spencer Backlash

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