New Year same plan (Short post)

Well with 2016 here I thought I should do a update.

Good LuckWe still are working on this project. With my dads health is making it hard to do things. Where the plan sits right now is get him to the point I can get a sitter for him for when we are on the walk. He spent the last 5 months at my sisters and I was dealing with other problems during that time. His recovery took a back step but if I can keep him moving in the right direction we should be able to start in jest under 1 year. I do have a sitter for him for the walk starting 12/26/2016.

This would have already happened if it was not for his health. We still need transportation money for the sitter Chad and myself. (Thinking renting a one way van to go from my house to Homestead. For Chad and the sitter fly them out here. with a little time to show the sitter around the town and places my dad likes to go.)

Thank you for your understanding in this mater and please donate if you can.

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