Special needs and Halloween

halloweenI thought I needed to get this out there ASAP after all soon people will be going to parties and haunted houses.  With Easter Seals being one of the groups we are doing this for I feel there is a Few things that should be stated.

If you are giving out candy (and I do think you should it is not a religious day anymore in the US (It was altered to distract from Bonfire day 11/5) ) It helps bring the community together in a fun way.  It also give the opportunity for people stuck in their homes to feel like they are part of the fun.

For the people giving out Candy.  Make sure you do not where things that can frighten some people.  Look for the top 10 that do. (There is a reason for this) If you are in the top 10 please post it buy your walk way. What you have on I will get to the reasons for this in a few.

speical needs halloween1People with disabilities some of them have problems with textural sound and sight.  Some it can make them break down in a bad way.  I my self can not deal with the sound of all things scratch tickets.  That sound manifests as nails getting stuck in my spine. (I am not joking)  (I have a few disabilities too and Asburgers is one of them) Also treat all people with respect and kindness.   You should also try to make it so people in chairs can also knock on your door or give an alternative way for them to alert you.  They should be in on the fun too.

Your candy choice should also have some sugar-free options. (You do not need a lot of it but you should have some) (I also have dog bones to give out too the good ones Meaty bones. I have dogs so that is not a problem for me but they are part of the family )

I know this is a short post. But I did not feel it needed to be a long one. ( My last one was almost too long)
If you or your charge (Person you are out with or doing things at home with) Have more to say on this. Feel free to comment.  or you can contact us (We will post on this subject for you too and Videos work too.  What you have to say maters and we will help get it out there for you. Videos are super good for this)

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