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Sorry about the long delay in the updates.
I have been having some problems in my personal life.

Well the summer almost over.  I know it is a bit late to give a post on this, but I have noticed that older posts tend to get hit by Google more than fresh ones.

You always hear about how you must drink water all the time to stay hydrated and yes that is true in a kind of twisted way.  The eight glasses of water a day was kind of a number out of the hat.  You see, it was an easy number to remember.  There have been studies that show they did not need that much water , and at the same time there are studies that say you need more.  The one thing they do not tell you, or at least most of them do not tell you is that all liquied count as that, and so does some of the food you eat.

When temperatures should you drink the water at?  Some people will say , room temperature.  Others will say cool water, and some will say hot water.  All this is due to the way your body absorbs the water you drink.  Now I do have some information to add to that none of this has had a full study done on it.  First I will start off with with hypothermia.  They recommend warm or hot beverages to help heat up your body core.  So by logic cold water will help cool down your core.

Dehydration prevention means constantly drinking water before you get thirsty.  There is conflicting information about this.  Some people say that your sense of therst kicks in at about 2% dehydrate and that the effects of dehydration.  Do not start until you are at about 5%.  I personally feel that these numbers are not right.  The reason for this when you were in school, you could not get up and drink every time you got thirsty.  So what you ended up doing is trainning your body to wait longer to drink.  So in the long run, we trained ourselves to be dehydrated.  The effects of dehydration can be many things.  I will give you a short list of the most common side effects of dehydration.  Keep in mind that these things also by the same things that  other medical problems can manifest themselves as.  Light headedness, poor judgment, dizziness, the longer sweating, heat exhaustion or heatstroke.  Now there are a few deaths that are blamed on dehydration, I feel if someone dies of heat exhaustion or heatstroke .  They should look at their hydration level and if it is below.  We will say 10%.  They should say dehydration was a factor.

How fast should you drink water?  Unfortunately there is no hard fast rule on how fast you should drink water.  There are so many variables with organic systems that there is no way to quantify for everybody.  I personally use the hydration bladder.  Yes, even when I’m in a house doing housework, or absolutely nothing.  I am not saying I wear the thing around the house.  Keep in mind, I have two dogs and two cats, and the like to knock over cups and glasses or steel drinks and cups and glasses.  What I tried to do is take a sip about every 10 to 15 minutes.  I measured how big my average sip is (You should too if you use a hydration bladder.)  I did this so I would know how much water I had in my hydration bladder.  My sip size is right around one fluid ounce.  Now keep in mind that your sip will be different in size.

Electrolyte replacement is something you need to keep in mind and do you really need to replace when you’re losing.  Some people will say, it is snake oil.  Others will say it is needed.  The truth of the matter is, again, it goes back to organic systems.  Yes, your body needs electrolytes.  Some people lose them in swet others do not.  There is an easy way to see it, you lose them in swet or not.  After you do something that makes you swet do you have a  white chalky type substance on the edges of your swet covered area?  If so, you are losing electrolytes.  The electrolytes in the human body and as far as I know are these three things.  Magnesium, potassium, and sodium chloride(Salt) .  If you eat it like a processed foods are sodium chloride levels should be okay, and most times they are or on the high side.  The two that really you need to look for is the magnesium and potassium.  Eating some fruit will replace both of those two electrolytes.  I do tend to use sports drinks, but only when I am sweating profusely, I am an electrolyte sweter.

DSCN0663Do you really need to filter your water went in the back country.  This DSCN0690is an easy answer, no, you’re not need to process your water in the back country.  The chances of you getting beaver fever is very slim.  As long as you are in North America.  There have been water tests done on all the water resources on the Appalachian Trail.  The Continental divide Trail and the Pacific Coast Trail.  All waters sampled showed safe levels of contamination.  I still process the water and you should too. There is all ways the chance of random contamination. Play it safe.

(use a good filter not chemical)

Most cases of hiker diarrhea is hand to hand transfer of others peoples flora (intestinal Bacteria)
go with the one pot per person or one bag per person play it safe.  (give your eating and cook where a good cleanning when ever you can too)

Thank you for reading this mega post.
and if you can donate to us we are still going to be doing this. My life problems have sucked me dry on personal funds for this but ALL donations are used only for this event.

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