Have a Safe 4th of July

4th of July Fireworks at Miller Outdoor TheatreWe would like to thank the people who are showing support for this project.  I know the delay sucks. (trust me it is getting to me too) With my dads health (Desmond’s Dad) and the delay that has happened do to his health.  We need all the entrancement we can get.  Donations are nice still too.  I am hoping that this year he will be in good enough health to get a long term sitter for him wall we do the walk.

We do have a new sponsor though a full blog post is set to be made on them soon.

Now remember people there are some that have PTSD AKA Shell Shock.  Your celebrations should be mined full of there conditions (I am not saying don’t do it jest keep it in moderation) You also should be thinking about pets in your area. (for that mater a few days after too) many will have escaped control trying to find a safe place and will be scared.

Thank you for taking your time to read this short post. And donate if you can.  (I post all funds and how they are used and on the trip I will photo all receipts too. )  If you are watching the donations (when my dad 1st had a stroke some donations came in to help him (I will be listing them too so you can see the discrepancies in the funds 1st hand)
Please tell your friends about us.  and comment on Facebook or this blog (both would be ok too)

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