Don't Try This...I do not know where to begin.  So yes, we are still working on this project with my dad stroke .  He had back in November 2013.  There have been some significant delays on this project.  So I think I will show you what I have been going through since November 2013.

As the primary care provider for my dad.  There have been many challenges.  I’d have to face.  I always knew his finances were not the best but I had no idea how messed up he was with them.  I had to use some of my more questionable talents and hack into his bank account.  Upon doing so, I realize his finances were more than messed up.  He was doing when everybody has been taught to do in the school system.  You know, they all your bills when they come in and never pay them late.  Well, for some, that makes a lot of sense, but in reality it’s a really it is a really bad move.  Due to those actions and him setting up automatic payments on everything was making it so he was paying over $750 a month in overdraft fees.  I have managed to make it so he now is only paying $60 a month in overdraft fees.  The late fees, he is paying to plus the overdraft fees only comes to a grand total of $120.  I would have been able to eliminate that.  But unfortunately to eliminate that it would require the banks to work properly and let me make the house payment before their due date due to that.  My house payment is always one month behind.  But I do have one extra payment that went on the principle.

Some of the other things that go with being a primary care provider for things like the feeling of isolation, self doubt and a complete failure in life.  I know these feelings personally and I also know why they’re there.  Now there is a certain amount of isolation that goes with being a primary care provider.  Your time available becomes almost nonexistent entity.  Coming near you, because you’re always asking for help when most of them say you need to get a job.  But with the truth being out there.  If you are a true primary care provider that is a more than full-time job and is also not payed.  Most people who work when they are also a care provider do not have to do it 24/7 so actually, they are a part time primary care provider or a supplemental care provider.  What is a completely different thing.  I am alone in this.  I have very little outside help, and none of that is regularly.

I should let you know this.  I am trying to make arrangements to a camping trip sometime in late July.  Part of this is to get my dad out of the house for a few days.  The other part of it is I need to take Athena and Minerva out on a camping trip.  Call it a training exercise if you like.  The other part of that is, I am arranging that with my sister, so hopefully she will see firsthand what I have been dealing with all this time and give me more support.  But on this planed trip .  I will also be shooting a video for you all.

I do want to make it clear that all donations we receive are going 100% towards this walk and not any of my other expenses. I have.

One more thing due to a plug-in problem with WordPress.  The videos on this site are not in proper order.  That should be fixed soon.  The old plug-in.  I was using the coders of it got greedy and wanted to start charging $23 a month, the new one is only going to run me $15 for life that I will pay out of my own pocket for it is to make my life easier and make it so I do not have to add each video, one at a time.

Have a good day.  Donate.  If you can, and please leave a comment on my blog posts from time to time, let me know you are reading them.

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