Sorry in  Sydney, Australia -sky writing, National Apology Day , National Sorry Day 2015 "such unthinkable theft"I have been lax on up dates to the blog I do wish to say sorry for that.

With my Dads stroke in November of 20013 it has taken a lot of my time.  Yes still working on this project.  jest time to do blog updates for all of you some times gets missed out on.

So I will tell you some of the things that has had to happen scene the last update.

5 ER Room visits (Do to late night cathider problems and blander infections.
Trying to figur out why my dad keeps sliding back when things start to look good. changed 300 diapers on him.  (Trying to get him to talk right agen for the 3rd time too) Doing things to keep me motivated for this heavy delayed walk.

Working on getting 10 ICE Contacts with medical release forms (Limited on time and instructions) For both Chad and myself. (At this point I have 3 that will do it)  Will be setting up a Medical ICE number that calls all of them with simultaneous ringing.  (That will be on a laminated card with info about that for each of us to have on person at all times)  Will be setting up a Toll FREE number (For us to use if needed as a personal Calling card number for us when we are on The Walk (Dead cell areas and no change for phones or use of other peoples phones.) it is CHEAP to set up.

I will try to give you a better blog post in a few days more related to The Walk.  then this one is.  But I had to tell you something about the lack of posts being made.   I will also try to shoot a video soon too for you. to see how things are moving along.  with some of the gear talked about in the video.  I will also do a thing on trainning for walks like this it is a common Q I get asked.

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