Two For One

Christmas BoycottOkay, I know it has been a while since I’ve done an update.  So here’s the deal.  I am going to give you a two for one shot with this post.

Now, I’ve been asked several times.  What am I doing for training this walk across the country.  I still need to put that in the frequently asked questions area.  Well, basically what you need to do is put your backpack on and walk and you should shoot for about 5 miles a day in all-weather conditions and hills.  Now there are tricks to this that will help motivate you.  One of those tricks is to play the augmented reality game ingress (yes, that is a link to their main website).  Now I do play ingress and there are two reasons for this.  First off, I find it entertaining and like the concepts second part of that is, it gives me something to do while I am walking with Athena and training for this walk, which in return prevents me from smoking while I am training.  If you want to know what faction I play on it, is the resistance.(Do to tactics used I did get hit with the ban hammer but remade a new account)

Now with the date of our departure, getting close.  There is some equipment we still need and we still need funds to get to the starting place.  We also need funds to get the help for my dad out here to (If he can still do it) .  If you have not been following along, he had a stroke last year, which is put a monkey wrench in all these plans.  If it was not for the stroke you well or even done with this walk.  The equipment we can use better sleeping bags and ground pads Athena needs a good pair of dog boots.  Just to let you know in my local area.  I have found sleeping bags that would be perfect for us that sell for $85 each (+15 bags)

I should’ve said this was a 3 for one post.
With my dad’s stroke and transportation needs.  This can work out well.  I live in Utah and Chad lives in Washington also the person who would be able to help my dad.  Hopefully also lives in Washington and I have an uncle who lives in Washington, two brothers, that live in Washington.  All in the Seattle area, not to mention I have nieces and nephews that live in the area, so they would be my dad’s grandkids.  Now my truck.  Or I should say my SUV (Ford Explorer) can make that round-trip for about $400 (Based on the cost of my van (it dos not get as good MPG could be as low as 200 round trip) with that would entail is it would let my dad see a large stack of other family members and it would let me pick up Chad and the person to help with my dad to get them out here to Utah with Chad’s equipment.  Anything that my assistant needs.  The problem is my assistant cannot leave Washington state, Intel, after Christmas, but that would also mean my dad could spend Christmas with family members that he has never seen in person (some of his grand kids) or has not seen in years.  Now it takes three days for donations to be transferred to my checking account and I have a grand total  of three dogs and three cats, so I cannot be away from the house for very long. (I would take 2 of the dogs with the 3rd dog I could get some one to feed him and the cats) just to let you know if you have not been following my dad had a heart attack and stroke, just before Thanksgiving last year he spent Thanksgiving of 2013 in surgery for quadruple heart bypass, then spend a full month in the ICU unit than he was in a rehabilitation hospital until February 16.

We do need your donations, so please give if you can, and if we can get these funds before December 19th, we will be able to make this part happened. (Yes it would be the cheapest way to get the other people out hear too)

Thank you and have a good day

I will take picks of the trip and post on this site if it happens (after all it is part of project)

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