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Phone TalkinI got a phone call today form a women in the Seattle Area getting ready to do a similar walk  her trip is still in the planning stages.  But she plans on doing it from the Seattle area to some where in Florida.  She will be doing it for a charity. (I know which one  not disclosing it yet for she has not told them about it.

This was kinda a feel good call for me.  With all the problems I have been dealing with it gave me knowledge that people do read this blog.   Now I want to make this clear if you are planning a walk like this I am more then willing to help you out where I can.  Mind you we have not started do to medical with my dad,  and this last summer was a bad year for Chad, Dave, and myself.  So the other walker and our editor have had some problems.

Now some of the Questions asked on the phone and what not got me thinking. about gear some more.  She asked if using a pack or a cart.  Well we are using both.  There is only so much water you can carry at a time.  Now most walkers use a jogging stroller.  We are not.  The reson for that is a jojjing stroller has a wright copasity of only 60 pounds.  now with water it could over load the stroller. What we are using is what I call The Mule.  it is a garden cart it has a work load of 400 pounds.  not saying I will be putting 400 pounds in it.  (mind you it dos not like curbs at all)  I know this for on some of my training walks I  use it too.  We are also using back packs too.  The Idea is keep the packs light still but keep personal things ext like a day pack setup.  (my pack is a little large for what is needed but my pack will also have a few things like a Laptop in it. (Expensive gear will be kept on person) we will also be using Hydration bladders with the packs (mine is a 3 letater Clambake Chads is a 2 leatter) Mine is a little bigger also for I have to supplement Athena’s gear (She is the K9 on the trip) She too has a pack.

Communication needs when doing a trip like this you will bounce in and out of cell coverage areas all the time.  To combat this I have a Ham Radio (license KF7KIP) That should keep us in Communication needs in the dead zones.

Keeping our electronics charged up (MP 3 player, camera, ham radio, laptop, GPS, Flashlights, and ext.)  I have a deep cycle battery (it is a nice light 40 pounds)  and a soler charger for it with a 1500 Wat inverter.

Gear I keep forgetting to state on all the postings I have made about this.
FREEZER ZIP Top bags (many sizes (I have 6 super big ones like in the 40 galleon size) You need to keep your gear dry.  I have 1 Shamog to keep the sun off my neck (Chad dos not have one we will probobly do a DIY one for him latter and have a good one shipped to us (I think he will like them after he sees a need for them)
Sun screen (yes you need the stuff year round) (K9 Sun screen Athena needs it too (She dos have sun glasses too and likes them when it is sunny out))

And if you are going to do any thing like this get as munch hi-vis stuff you can.  I have vests, 2 tie hats, led blinkers for Athena active lighting for the cart (used EL Wire)

Be for I let you go you should have a Laminated coppy of your ICE info and any medical info that EMS might need keeping it in your phone for most people is little or no good (They lock there phone down so people cant see it any ways)   Have multipal copy’s of your planed map leave them with your home/emergency contact person.  (they should all ways have a copy of it.  and if you loose your map it can be shiped to where you are at General postage works.


As a pointer for all of you if your feet hurt or are sore take the day off.  if you push your self you can damage your feet.  With out giving you technicals what can happen is you make micro tairs in your ligements in your feet some people it takes as long as 1 1/2 years to heal (most people heal with in 6 mouths)  pushing your self is not wherth the risk.


Your trip there are 2 states that I know of that have little to no cell serves for the most part.  Montana and Wyoming.  Part of that is do to local laws another part is Technical but simple for you is The mounters block the cell phones radio connection.  (ALL STATES HAVE DEAD ZONES KEEP THAT N MIND)




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