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Live and Let Die I know it has been a while since I’ve updated the website for those of you been following you all know that I have been dealing with a stroke that my dad had back in 2013.  Actually, November 2013.

Well, on June 5.  I had to take my dad to the hospital for surgery and that’s what this all begins.

While I was doing the pre-op stuff for him .  I found a spider bite on my left arm.  I didn’t think much of it at first but four hours later, it doubled in size and since I was already at the hospital and my dad was in surgery.  I walked down to the ER just have a quick look to see if it was serious.  Well, what they recommended than his.  I will make myself then the they thought it could be serious, but with my dad in operation.  I could not put myself to the ER.  So I want back of the department at surgery was in for them.  I was going to be going to the Dollar tree to get some Benadryl and some cortisone cream.  Now this is where the fun begins.

Apparently, the hospital was trying to get a hold me to whole time I was there.  You know, things like making sure he was off his blood thinners and on his antibiotics now this whole time.  When I finally was in surgery.  They were trying to call me on the phone at the house with a new I was at the hospital.  So there was definitely an mess up in communication, there which I addressed at the hospital.  But you see, it’s funner since my sister was also was ours one of the contacts just in case they called her phone to know.  She too was at the hospital with me.  She left her phone in the house.  So when her roommate picked up the phone.  They thought we were just gallivanting all over the city, while my dad was in surgery.

Now my sister’s roommate claimed they were asking for my sister for the information.  When an actuality they were asking for me.  Now mind you, I do not like my sister’s roommate and that is a understatement.  As you make statements that were not true.

Now, we found out what really happened after we talked to the HR at the hospital.  The hospital is very proactive on fixing all the complaints that we had which were generated from false information in the first place and I would go all the way to the point of saying deliberate misinformation.  She had the audacity to treat me like a pile of feces and that is normal for her.

Now, my dad also does not like some would say that’s because he just doesn’t like women and that could be a part of it, but in actuality I did it mostly has to do with her being a CUNT yes I did say that.  And we do know there are some people like that in this world.

Now that was how yesterday was for me, but it’s a what went on today.
I did go to the ER about my spider bite.  It is probably a brown recluse.  I am now on antibiotics and if the antibiotics do not cleared up, or a gets worse, they will have to cut it out.  There are some very interesting side effects listed for the antibiotic I’m on Lets hop they do not happen

photo by: Afroswede
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