Spring time

Patch Spring Fire 2013

Patch Spring Fire 2013 Photo By Desmond

With Springtime rapidly approaching we are all now beginning to think about camping trips, though a few things that I would tell you that you should always do when you go camping.

The first thing I would recommend you to his practice, campsites, safety, after all, you do not want to start a forest fire on your camping trip.  The next thing I would recommend and highly encourage is the package and packet out philosophy, you know you to bring all your trash out with your and try to leave no trace that happens to be the essence of stealth camping.

When you go out on his adventures.  Make sure somebody who is not going out with you knows your plans because if you do not check in or return in time they will know where to send people to looking for you.

Many of you like to camp in the backcountry, but with that comes some perils that people often underestimate.  For instance, in the backcountry.  You may not have very good cell phone service I not tell you to leave your cell phone at home because it can be a useful tool to get emergency help but do not rely on it.  I would recommend for all of you is to get your ham radio license.  It is not that hard to become a technician.  You do not need to know Morris cod anymore.

I know this has nothing to do with our walk.  Well, kind of, because on this.  What we are going to be doing a lot camping and I felt the need to give you guys information concerning camping.  I know this is not a whole lot, but I do not intend to lecture you on your camping etiquette and safety.

Yes, we’re still planning on doing this walk across the country from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington, it was delayed by the one year due to my dad’s stroke.  We did plan on doing a shorter walk in the spring, but due to my past recovery time.  It was delayed again, but there will be a second walk right now I am leaning on walking back from Seattle back to Tooele , Utah.  When we’re done with the main walk that way you will have a second walk will be done, like I did state is going to get.

PS Desmond as a myself am a licensed ham radio operator, my radio call sign is KF7KIP

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