TROLLSome of you might be asking on why post about Cyber-bullying.  Well it is a long story. (and a long post non filtered for origination or spelling dos have some off color words you are warnd)  and the word’s used might offend some people.  If you have been one of the long time readers of this blog or the Facebook page you might have a idea.

Cyber-bullying can come in many forms. Family, friends,coworkers,and EXT.  Most people who do these actions some times do not know that is what they are doing and how it effects the people who are the victims of it.  There are people who feel that every one should have thick skin and deal with it but how thick should your skin be at what point do you stop being human?    I have dedicated many years helping people that I will never know in life and people I know in life. Now this post will let my disability shing with all of it’s hard to read glory.  No I’m not FUCKING Joking.   Take a look at my staff page on this site.  (this is Desmonds staff page it opens in a new window) it should help you understand.   I will try to spelll things right the best I can but if the spell checker can’t find the write word you will get the Desmond version of it.  Most the post here I use a speech to text editor (Adaptive technology for people like me) and have a kick ass Editor (David) who helps clean the pages up  along with Chad (The other walker) I do not hide my disability from any person who takes the time to listen.

I am a 40 year old who lives with his dad. (At this time) When the job marked went south I lost my job will kida. I drove a cab for 7 years and the local area changed the law to make it safe and what they did is made it more dagres to operate (Tacoma Washington) what makes things wors is there resone was one of my friends got shot in the head with a 45.  He did survive but it cost him his eye sight.(but I did quit that one)  Whent to work making Candy at Brown and Hales in Tacoma (Almond Roca) but it was day labor (Pay was good for that type of work and was getting 12 hour shifts 6 days a week)  Was living with my GF and  2 of her kids but that dryed up so insted of all of us living on the street I started looking for a place that we all could live at (If I was buymyself I would not have a problem out there. (I have a few Good Friends out there that would let me crash on there couch wall looking for work) But I swolowed my pride and moved to Utah into my dads basement.  To pay rent there I did all the house matnence and cooked all the meals.
Yes that is 3 meals a day mowing the lawn doing all the house chorse.  And was still looking for work. (still doing that but more so now) for the last 3 years.

In November afew days before Thanksgiving my dad had a hardtack surgery on thanks giving stroke in recovery.  He was in the hospital tell February 5th.  Do to his needs my sister QUIT a $20 hour job to come out here to give me a hand (She lives with a friend of hers mother and her friend) Not hear for now she is planning on moving in hear soon. (She has a dog and a few cats I do to and we need to get them to know each other 1st to keep them from fighting) I have 3 dogs and 3 cats.

Now where all this started from is well I have a family member that tends to push buttons more then he should (No I will not post his name hear)  During this whole time all he has ben doing is saying I’m doing it wrong will not evan say what. (all on line hence the cyber-bullying)  As a famliy member he knows I do not tolerate any person who targets a disability in any form.  Yes some would say I’m a dick because I also do not help them inless they REALY need it or they ask for help. (People like to feel independent)
Now it dos piss me off that when people know you are strugling with things that are no way your fauult for happining push there good forcuns in your face 24/7 We well most of us have been down a few times.  The Famley member that has don all this shit (Yes I am the target of this) will do things  like acuse me of beeing a hipocate do to haveing a ham radio lenience (KF7KIP)  do to my dis trust of the political powers in office.  He wants to get a HAM RADIO but skip the licence (Yes my dad is a HAM soon and my sister is probobly going to go for hers too.  and havir it for a jest in case thing (Well I use my for helping with The chemical Depo out hear (They where burning nerv gas and musterd gas most of it is gone now) and helping with bike rides but it will be of good use for us on The Walk) he willshow some interest then bash when I give him real advise on the subject mater.  (I delt with it for a long time do to him being Famley ) Wall my sister and myself have been trying to get our dads finaces and Medical bills in line all he dos is post about his NEW BOV (Bug Out Veicale )and how he is going to be picking up some fucking shit for it.  Wall we are asking for help he and his wife tell me I need to get a job.  And put my dad in a nursing home (Well inplyed that part) and taking care of a 240 pound 72 year old 7 days a week  who is a fall risk and craps them selfs from time to time  and makes up words that I cant figur out some times they are funny  like he will say “I cow restraont light” translats to and not all the time the same things I need to go take a shit.  and “Hot djsh plunger up” translates to  I need the light on.  He also will only sleep about 2 hours at a time  (in rehab they had to put him in like a large playpen around his bed (he kept trying to get up with out help) (I only work as a spotter and told him that so he could have some independence) (Toddlers are easier to deal with if they fall less likly to brake and do not make 3 pound shits in there dipers (well with pee maby)) is not work but a ER nurse (his wife 36 hours a week is hard work)   They both know I have put all the cash I can scroung up into this project and his medical (and keeping it separate)(and that it is for charity not personal with my limeted funds )

Now the straw that fucking pissed me off  he made fun of a disability I have jest to be mean. I still am keeping kool about it but not only did I defriend him  on Facebook do to his trolling and unsiportiv action I had to block him too do to the harassment he still sent my way.
So you all can see what the last straw was hear is a link to that thread (I will figur a way to save the whole thread in full to keep it out of a purg on FB
The Cyber-Bulling (Opens in new window and yes that is my personal acount it might ofend some and I only take Friend on it that I know the fan page is open though and you can post to it also my profile is full open to view or comment on and I do not Delete posts (well some times if I realis they are jest to WRONG (I do have a sick hummer bone at times)

If my dad knew he was pulling this shit he would be pissed off almost as bad as me.  If I was in the state he is in I would be tempted to go kick his ASS right now (I have some hand to hand training and lots of street exsperance in that realm he barags about his marchal arts skills but with grate disability coms grate power (I have extra parts some of them is a extra set of adrenalin glans my normal leavles are that of a person on a thril ride when they spike it is like all the riders on the same raid in one body) )
For more information about my dad check out That page has links to the FB page too.  (FYI I did not remove him from posting there other so fare jest mysister and my self have posted there if he dos post there I will not see it if he starts shit my sister will pull his admen status there we are still trying to work around the prick in a way that he is not out of the loop jest not with me. If he wants to make up he has a VERY LONG ROAD.  Calling me lazy when I have helped him on most the things he has don then he trys to kick me when I’m haveing a VERY hard time NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN.

Thank you for Reading my rant and my bitchy mood but his actions are the type that smash projects like this befor they start.  most doit jest to make them selfs look better or feel better.  I have ben pushed into the corner and now what option do I Have left with him. this post was a Vent and a way to leat my readers know kida what is going on.

We do still need donations for this project if you want to help with my dad and not this go to the there is a donation link to help there too (Funds are kept seperate)

I hope this post gave you a little more insite into my life and the stress but also the optimistic attitude I tend to have.  Feel free to coment on this site or FB and that nasty post if you like.  He cant see post I do but he will the ones you do.

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