small update and a little exsplination

Sean Maloney stroke brainscanIf you know or have been reading the blog you know my dad had a stroke.  he is home and today is his B-day he is now 72 years old.  I get to play nurse for him he has mobility issues and Afashia  (SP) it is where he grabes the wrong word at time you also know we will be doing a smaller walk in march to help pay for his medical bills.  We have set up a small web site well still setting it up.  to help with his bills too and give a place to talk about what is going on with him.  I’m learning how to set up phpbbs on it too so more stuff for me to learn how to do.  I’m also teaching my sister how to use WordPress. you can find that site at you can see the work on there going on or give us a word of support it would be nice.  My sister has made the 1st post on the site and it still needs to be modified some more (I’m working on that part)

photo by: IntelFreePress
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