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Spring Grove Swan

photo: Mark Dumont

I know some of you may be upset about the one-year delay that has happened on the walk.  But we will be doing a shorter walk this spring.  This shorter walk will be going on from Seattle, Washington to Tooele, Utah.  We will be doing it.  March 20, which also happens to be the first day of spring.  We felt this would be a good time to do this walk for it is to do a few things due to Desmond’s dad’s heart attack followed up with a stroke,put some major delays in the walk in the first place.  His recovery is going really slow and Desmond is the only family member.  He has at this moment in Utah.  That was the main reason for this delay to be so long.

Now we have dubbed this walk “The Spring Walk”.  We felt that using spring for a walk would make sense.  You seem spring is the time of rebirth, growth, and healing.  So we thought the symbolism of using that date to start made a lot of sense.  Now, on The Spring Walk ever be taking us about three months nowhere near the time that the big one would take us also.  If something happens to happen and they need me in Utah.  If I was to drive it in a car, it would take just a little bit over 14 hours.  What that means is if I am needed in Utah.  I will not be that far out of reach their are airplane flights from both SeaTac and Portland on a fairly regular basis that go to Salt Lake City.  I have family members all over Washington state and Oregon that can provide rights to the needed airports, if need be.

I have been working on the website to try and make it more organized for the use of both the walks.  I still have to put in a another donation link for The Spring Walk the reason why we need a second link for that instead of using the primary is because the funds for The Spring Walk are different.  The donations that come in for it will be divided up as follows.
40% to Jill’s wish.
40% to Desmond’s Dad’s medical expenses (any funds left over will go to the main walk)
20% to the main walk and what it’s all about.
Now all those funds will be allocated after the walk and after expenses that we encounter on the road.  Right now any other donations that we get to go into the main walks donation point, for we are using those funds to also get gear that is still needed all the gear we pick up their will be used on the main walk.

For those of you who do not know the main walk that we keep talking about in this post is about walking from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington.  Yes, that is a cross the country.  14 states.

I know I asked this in almost all the posts I make, but we do need donations, so if you can please donate to us.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us.  We do get back to you as soon as we possibly can.  And right now we are able to answer 100% of all inquiries we are not overwhelmed yet.  You can also help us out by leaving comments on our blog posts comments are open for 60 days after they are posted.  That also goes for our Facebook page and our Twitter account.

Some people think we’re crazy, who happened to stumble across this, but if you do a little bit of searching and will be digging you will find there are lots of people doing.  We’re an actual communication with two other groups that are walking across the country and one of them is allowed to use this blog as their blog location.

Well, have a good day and since I’m posting this on Super Bowl Sunday.  I need to state this both Chad and myself are from the Seattle area, so we are going to end this post with this note.

Boeing Seahawks 747

photo: Dave Sizer

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