Update from Chad 1/13/2014

I'm free to fly

I’m free to fly

Hi , this is Chad, Today I feel like the image above,  I got some good news today. My blood work came back, and I’m doing quite well. My Doctor said I’m no longer Type 2 Diabetic. I was dianosed with Type 2 a little over a year ago. I have been eating and drinking the typical American diet. The one demonizing element was High Fructose Corn Syrup. This devlish gmo product which is in almost every single processed food that is produced. It’s natsy stuff. For many a decade I have been guzzling various sodas that contain this. For the last 13 months I have not had much of it at all. I have done my best to keep away. It feels good to know I won’t have to worry as much about my blood sugar as before. I was really happy to hear also my liver,kidney, arteries, and heart are all doing well. This was a real sigh of relief, since I had Gall bladder surgery last summer, and I was afraid I was starting to fall apart. Heck, I’m only 41, its not like I’m ancient yet. On The Walk,  which will also make me so much more healthy. For the last few months I have increased my walking, getting in at least 1 mile a day. Yes, that does not seem like a lot. Yet some days I will get in 2.5 to 6.8 miles a day. This has been a good test, I believe I can increase this many times. Where as on The Walk we will be walking anywhere from 10 to 20 miles a day. Which I think should be doable. All my other health issues are doing well. I’m sure anything else I have delt with will improve even more overtime.I’m currently around 244 lbs. Two years ago I was around 279. So that is a good improvement. I apologize for the lack of updates from myself, I will do my best to keep you all updated on my side. Desmond has been going through some hard times. Which I totally understand. My Mom went through some rough patches a year ago, and has been having sciatica issues. Yet she is doing much better. My end is all ready. Now we all have to send Desmond’s Dad, all the healing energy. We want him feeling better soon. Our start date has been delayed, Yet I will assure you will be starting very soon. A very incredible journey will be had. We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we can meet some of you along the way. Hey, maybe even some of you can join us for a few miles as we make our way across the 12 states. We are still in need of donations, for needed equipment and transportation to our start point. We have to get there some how. Please click here and donate, and if not donate, share it with everyone you know. Thanks for following us on this great journey. Any questions or comments, let us know. We love to hear from you. -Chad

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