A Uneventful Day

I took a day off from seeing my dad.  But he did call me two times, and my sister one time. So that’s an improvement.  I just got back from Walmart, I got my dad a pair of sweat pants and a few t-shirts, so he can get out of the gown as soon as possible.  My sister picked him up a cheap MP3 player so I can get it charged up and loaded with audio books for him.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading up there, might shoot a vid in the parking lot and get some more pics for you.  But if you didn’t see it yet, I did some changes to the Media page on the site, and added a new YouTube video.

In this time of stress for me, and The Walk ahead for us,  I’m glad you still pay attention to the blog.  There is a few things you could do to help, and to keep us motivated. (Delays  tend to zap you) Shoot a small video of encouragement, leave messages on our FB page, Blog, or YouTube.  Tell your friends about us,  That too will help us keep the speed up.  We do need  some fan support, with all we are through, We still need donations for much needed gear and travel expenses to Homestead, Fl.
But do to no pic in this post, I give you a small video instead.

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