Today was a Good LONG DAY

Utah 1/7/2014

Utah 1/7/2014

You will see that today was a long day for me. All I really have is a little info on my dad and the GPS Log of my day.  I did shoot a video today too it is uploading as I type.  There is some good news my dad is getting better He knows my name now and remembered The Walk.  He was a little upset that him getting sick messed it up a little.  He thinks he lives in Alaska still and remembered Athena.  He also got to meet Minerva today. That went good though.   He has his good moments and bad ones too.  Soon as I can I will see if I can get a pic of him for you all.  He has to be ready for me to ask him.  Let me show you my GPS log of the day now.

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