Thursday internet was up and down full of time outs

DSCN0539Sorry for no real up date on Thursday.  I for got to take my GPS with me so no trip logs.

Thursday was a short day do to a snow drift that mad it not safe to drive (for that matter walk). My dad is still having his ups and downs I did not go see him today

The reason why I didn’t go see them today was that I had to reset my sleep cycle because in the morning I get to drive to Wyoming in order to get signature for power of attorney on my dad.  I have included a picture of what it was like on Thursday.  Mind you that picture was only taken 15 minutes after it started snowing.  On Friday I pretty much just reset my sleep cycle, so I can leave the house at 4 AM I am not a morning person.

On the driver to Wyoming.  I can bring my GPS with me and the camera to get a few shots of the dogs and possibly me at some of the rest areas, we will encounter.  I might even shoot a short video for you.

I do apologize for this being a very uninformative post, but a.m. trying to give you one every day if I can.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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