Stroke class

DSCN0536Today when I went to the stab lab  , a.k.a. the plasma donation location.  I did a good job, bleeding today.  Afterwards, like always, I went to see my dad.  I do have some good news is trake has been removed.  He seems to be more lucid everyday and his strength is getting better, but he is still in the recab.

At the rehab center.  I have a two day class I have to attend.  I had the first one today.  The class happens to be on strokes and what’s to be expected on the recovery in all about them.  This class is being put on by the rehab center.  It was set up for family members of victims of strokes.  To be honest.  Today I actually learned absolutely nothing.  Well, I take that back.  I did get a list of resources and support groups that will help with his recovery and any questions I might have in the future concerning it.  I have the same class tomorrow, which will cover a few more things.  So unlike what was originally planned.  I will be making a trip in there tomorrow instead of skipping it.  All these classes are for getting me ready for when they discharge him.  There is talk about having a home healthcare person come into the house.  Now, the way my dad is.  I do not think that would be good for him.  After all, when they talk about these home healthcare people what they’re really saying is, but a CNA in the home and for everything a CNA does I am more than qualified to handle.  No, I’m not saying that some people don’t need that.  Just I have a very intensive background on first aid, along with training on how to move people and my dad would feel more comfortable if it was me doing it instead of someone he did not know.  To maintain his physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy.  The hospital that has the therapy center of its cause to the house is only 3 miles away, and it would force him to get out of the house more often to go to them.

Now that you’ve read this far, I feel so important for me to give you a small update on myself.  I happen to have multiple disabilities, I am dyspraxiac, dysgraphic, dyslexic, and several other dyses.  I also suffer from sleep apnea, a bad hip, no-24 hours sleep disorder.  If you do not know any of those are.  I would recommend looking them up.

Have a good day and if you can give us some support, whether it be words of support or cash donations.  We will also accept physical goods and gift cards right now, we can use a gift card or gift cards for the sportsman’s warehouse.  If you are going to give us Cards for food items.  Check with us first, for we have to make sure that they are nationally findable locations for some things that you think a national are not.  For instance, Safeway is a national supermarket in fact it was the first national supermarket, but it cannot be found anywhere in Utah.  Subways are always good.  Starbucks are always good.  KFC and Taco Bell are always good.  I am going to discourage McDonald’s, but they to are good.

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