Long day today still not much changes

Well I told you I would do a blog post everyday and so to keep up with that , I’m going to do one today.
Today was pretty much uneventful day.  Pretty much just like it was yesterday.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my GPS unit with me to track my daily trip up to see my dad along with that I forgot to bring my camera with me to get a some good photographs today, so I am My sister got a shot off her phone this is her shot.

Minerva asleep at the rehab Photo BY Piper Robertson (Cell Phone)

Minerva asleep at the rehab
Photo BY Piper Robertson (Cell Phone)

Today I discovered my dad has no sense of time and he still does not know where he is at.  I brought in to him today, a couple of decks of playing cards.  I tried playing a game of simple go fish with him, but he had a problem recognizing the numbers that he was dealt and the game confused him, which does not surprise me.  After all, he did suffer a stroke.  My dad also thinks we’ll have a cabin out in the middle of Alaska.  Which we do not.  He also believes we have three large fishing boats, which we also do not have.  So he is a little delusional about that.

Now the Australian Shepherd’s Athena and Minerva were the stars of the rehab hospital.  Both of them were on their best behavior.

Well that’s how this day was.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post.
Is you can we do still need donations to fund some final gear and transportation costs for Chad and Craig.

Craig is coming out to help with my dad while we’re on the walk, even though he is not really a staff member for the walk.  He will be getting a staff place on this project for without his help.  This project would probably not be happening this year and we do not want to delay this any longer than we absolutely have to.

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