Long 2 state day

Utah and Wyoming 1/11/2014

Utah and Wyoming 1/11/2014

Well I have some good news for you, and some bad news for you.
The bad news is the website for http://www.gobreadcrumbs.com is not accepting up will see you do not have to deal with me posting the web tracks today.  The bad part of that news I will included on the first those that does let me upload that data to.

Today I had to get up at 4:30 AM to drive to Wyoming in order to get a power of attorney for my dad.  The trip went well.  I did manage to shoot a few photographs.  They can be found under media, along with most our YouTube videos, I went and saw my dad today on the way back.  He is now wearing sweats, which is definitely a plus of the hospital gowns when we got there, that would be my sister and myself.  He was in therapy.  They were working with his upper body strength and endurance.  The bad news concerning him, he still loses track of the few things that go on and is living partially in a fantasy world mixed with some reality.  If all goes well, you’ll be able to start drinking some liquids, it would’ve known for sure today, but the tool to use to x-ray his throat was broken, so he is going to get that done tomorrow sometime.

Now some more bad news.  My sister has to go back to her home state on Tuesday, which means I will not be seen my dad as often as I would like because right now my only source of income is plasma donations, which equates to $60 a week.  That has to be able to cover the gas cover my food, dog food, cat food, and fish food.  The good thing is the primary reason why she is going to back is her human resource department has got to have her head on backwards or well you know where.  When she calls them to try conductance on the phone.  It is not unheard of for them to put her on hold for in excess of two hours.  What she is trying to do is get a compassionate transfer back out here to Utah.  Still her visit back east is only expected to be a temporary one.

And again for your clarification.  All the funds donated to this walk will stay with this walk.

Please if you can donate cash to this project.  I know we are delayed schedule now, but we still do need funds.  If you would like to help out with my dad’s medical expenses or transportation costs like go see him on a regular basis.  Please use the contact form on this website to contact Desmond, I will get back to you with my PayPal information that we will keep all donations to this completely separated from the walk itself.

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