Let’s add another uneventful day

Today was pretty much uneventful it was pretty much the same thing day in and out.  You know the typical wake up take the dogs outside, jump in the shower pickup my sister and driving to see my dad in Sandy, Utah at the rehab center.

My dad is doing a lot better than he has been, he is having more times of knowing the present day & time he still isn’t 100% there yet.  He has his moments.  He has a hard time understanding the letter S and he still can’t read a clock, but he no longer has a catheter.  He is still eating with a feeding tube.  He still has sometimes has thoughts of great grandeur.  He keeps thinking that we have three houses and three boats.  He sometimes thinks that he lives in Washington state.  He does remember what he did in the Air Force.

Minerva seems to automatically detect high blood sugar.  The reason I say that she showing great affection towards my dad and today his blood sugar was 180, which is high If you are diabetic.  Minerva also decide today to chew through one of her leashes.

I forgot to bring my GPS unit with me and my camera today, so there is no GPS tracking or photographs for today.  The website, which I’m using is still down for updating the GPS logs.  I have sent them an email to try to get the problem fixed.  If they cannot or have not in a reasonable amount time and I will call that Tuesday I will build you for an alternative to use on this website.

I also want to apologize for the delay in our start, but right now my dad does need me around to take care of a few things.

We still need donations.  And yes, all the funds are still going towards The Walk, On our donation page.  You can see the donations, we have received, I will be trying to put together a page to let you know what the money has been spent on already.

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