Well, like I told you we would do a post every day.  If we are not in transit or have internet access (I’m now no contract for my internet).  If you have seen the last few posts you will see that Desmond’s dad is in the hospital he has been there now 50 days.  Desmond had to stay around there to help with medical stuff.  (His dad just started talking as of the 2nd) But do to the affects of the stroke, he needs to be able to help with a few things.

Today for me was kinda hectic I’m still Dealing with Minerva (The new teammate for us) She probably had some abuse before I rescued her. So she does get a little snippy at times. She is getting better, she still will not play hard or tug-o-war or let Athena play. She still guards her food, like it’s her last meal.

Now I got pulled over on 12/30/2013 for a burnt out tail light on the Explorer, you have to open the tailgate to fix it.  The problem is the handle to open the door linkage is broken so I had to take the panel off, but to do that you have to open the door.  so I drilled a hole in the panel so not to break it.  2 out of 2 holes had reinforcement bars right behind the holes.  that left me with one thing to do.  I took a hive tool (Bee keeping stuff) it is kinda like a small crowbar, to selectively split the back panel (broke it in half).  It took me about 2 hours of time with the drilling or as a walker would put it 6 miles.  While I was doing this Minerva was watching me and playing in the snow.  Athena was watching out my front window.  Then went to Walmart, to get the bulb to replace it, that was no problem.  But when I went to Walmart my dads friend Who lives about 1 1/2 miles from my house asked if I could take her to the store to get a few things.  Well with the tailgate not working right (Door handle not fixed) she had to get like 60 bags of stuff.  Now at the store I took Minerva with,  she gets snippy at Athena and Bear from time to time I did not want a dead dog.  So needless to say, the truck was packed funny and tight. The back only had a few things in it and the rest of the stuff was packed in, on and around both my dad’s friend and my sister.

My sister came over to help with more cleaning of my dads room and help with Minerva’s training She also brought some pork chops over for me to cook for us (They were good)
Then after I took my sister back to where she is staying. I chatted with Chad (The other Walker, a little on FB (He is in the Seattle Area. I’m in  Tooele (just south of Salt Lake City) about what is going on with this and about the delay blog posts.

This post is missing pics of the day. I do apologize for that.  Tomorrow I will be going to the University of Utah Medical Center Where my dad is at (I will get some pics of the area and at least one out his rooms window. You should also get a few of the Australian Shepherds Athena and Minerva along with myself not much of  The Walks gear is going with me there.  But I will keep you posted on my day (On my visits there, I do get some walking in too for more training and letting people know about the walk)

Please if you can , Donate to us we do need it still. My personal funds to get gear is getting eaten up with the cost of gas to see my dad (I also need to get the funds to get one of my other friends who lives in the Seattle area out here to help with my dad while I’m on The Walk. He will be providing some shipping and recieving things for us too (My dad was going to be doing that but now I do not think that is possible)

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