UpdateOn my dad’s status and The Walk

Stroke DiagramNow is the lack of posts lately and the reason for this is been a series of life problems.  About a week before Thanksgiving.  My dad got sick he had a blood sugar of greater than 400 and was severely dehydrated.  Mind you, he is 71 years old so I took him by ambulance to the University of Utah the ER in our  local town he was there for approximately 4 days.  There is that the shelter.  He had a heart attack and he would need a triple heart bypass,  so they transported by ambulance to the University of Utah medical Center.  They are the evil room for three days before surgery, which was on the day before Thanksgiving.  The surgery was delayed two hours from the scheduled time, which was no big deal of the fact that my cat does not like hospitals, the surgery for the triple heart bypass went very well.  The bad thing is that he was highly responsive to the anesthesia so he was out of it for a couple days.  During that time he had a stroke.  It was not relate to a blood clot on the left side of his brain.  It did bleed and cross over to the other hemisphere of his brain.  His recovery has been filled with lots of ups and downs, but today I can thankfully say he is at two days of good recovery and solid interaction and if all goes well, he will be in a rehabilitation center in about 1 to 2 weeks.

The governor didn’t put this in the earlier my sister flew out on Thanksgiving morning to help out with all the finances and other things, concerning this.  She has been a great help with the stresses that I was under no, I’m not saying I am not under stresses right now, but they are definitely lower than they were due to my sisters help with the situation.  We’re still struggling with the finances of the house again.  All the bills and animals fed.

Due to the costs of medical bills and the treatment of this, you might occasionally see a request for donations to help with his medical bills.  These funds are Completely separate from The Walk.

Now, I have been asked and Chad has been asked if due to these unforeseen circumstances.  The walk is still going to happen.  Right now as I sit here typing this out or I should say dictating to my computer.  Yes, it is still going to happen.  And yes, we still need funds for that too.  At the most.  There will be a delay in our start date by one week, or possibly two weeks.

I have one more thing to say the web host that we use hostgator.com has done something for us which goes beyond what any business or corporation ever think of doing.  When all this came down on me.  It meets difficult to pay my bill for the web host, which is coming out of my pocket.  What they get.  Instead of getting the standard 10 days to be late without interruption of service they extended to 20 days, which was a big stress reliever for me so I wish to say thank you to them , and the fine service they are providing for us.

I know this was a long post and thank you for taking your time to read it and get update on why we’ve been lacking on posts.  I hope you understand.

Please donate to the walk.  If you can or can contact me through this website and I can give you information on how to donate to my dad’s medical expenses.  The funds are separate.

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