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First off I want to say Merry Christmas

today when I went to the hospital to see my dad.  He was transferred from the cardiovascular intensive care unit to the Internet care unit in the hospital, which is actually kind of a big step out of the cardiovascular intensive security or otherwise known as CVICU , which is a good thing.  He still cannot talk, but he is getting better.

What this means is in the status of the walk we are still doing it, but there is a delay of two weeks before we start, which will make the start date January 17 instead of January 3, if we are to start any later than that the weather will become too dangerous for travel.

As a another piece of mind for you.  All you readers any donations that received for the walk will be used on the walk.  They will not go to cover my dad’s medical expenses.

I know this is a short post, but I felt I owed it to you to give an update.

I should have told you this city have been reading your posts what’s going on with my dad, the day before Thanksgiving.  He had to have a triple heart bypass, while in recovery.  He had a stroke which put things back quite a bit on his recovery.  His communication skills are very limited.  Right now he has no capability of talking at this point.  So what are you going to be doing a live next few days to try to help with the communication issues is putting together a picture book like people with autism use to help with their communications.

Anyways, please donate to the walk.  If you can.  We do need the funds.
Thank you and have a nice day.

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