NEW Team member for us

2013-18807I would like you all to know with my Dad’s health problems We have gotten a new Team member.  Her name is Minerva she was a Humane Society rescue.  She is going to be getting trained on The Walk for my dad as a diabetic alert dog also known as a DAD dog.  I am hope that on The Walk we can get her from rescue dog to a full blooded serves dog.  Normal time to train is around 2 years.  This will be 24/7 training for her and she is a  Australian Shepherd like Athena vet thinks her age is around 9-10 months old. I do not know if she is a Minnie or a full size yet.
PS photo was from That is where we got her from and yes it is of her.  107 milles from my house each way!!!

But if you can please donate to us we need to get some gear for her now too and the rest of our gear along with transportation to the start.

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