Stealth Camping

Judy - On Lookoutsome of you may have an idea what still Is about all others of you may not understand the concept.  What stealth camping is is basically Camping in non-standard campsites.  These are the people and type of camping that you do out of the middle of nowhere.  But there are some concepts behind it that law people don’t understand.  For instance, the term stealth implies that you’re doing something illegal when actuality all you’re doing is trying to camp without being seen or making an impact on the environment you are camping in.

There are many reasons to go stealth when you camp otherwise known as stealth camping.  Some of them are.  You have no choice but to pitch a tent somewhere where camping is normally not looked upon a good light or for your personal protection you have to try not to be seen.  See people walk across the country have problems finding places to sleep but believe it or not it is legal in most locations to camp on public land.  The only time it is not legal to camp on public land is when it is posted no overnight or no camping.  so just because you’re camping stealth style does not mean you’re breaking the law.

Now we go about stealth camping the most important aspect is you leave no trace that you were there.  Which means there is a little bit more work involved in that style of camping.  But in the long run is better for the environment and better for other campers.  You should never build a campfire in those situations.  For those have a tendency of damaging the place and exposure location.

Now, when endeavoring stealth camping there is some things that may happen.  For instance, you may decide that a good camp spot set up your small campsite they come to find out is on private property.  What they’ll do is nothing if you don’t get caught.  But if you do get caught you must be polite to the individuals explain your ignorance pack up your stuff and kindly leave.  Now under most those circumstances, the owner of the property will be a bit upset, but won’t shoot you or press charges.  Then if you’re nice enough.  Who knows they might just let you stay there with no problems.

When picking your gear for stealth camping you need to make sure that you’re using super high visible colors on your camping gear if you do you’ll kind of defeat the purpose of stealth camping.  Your gear should also be fast to set up and fast to take down the reasons for this is if you are trespassing and get notified.  You can pack up quickly and leave quickly to prevent problems.

There are things you should never do wall stealth camping.  One is camp inside abandoned buildings for there is no reason for you not to know that the building is owned by some person or some company so that would be obviously trespassing.

I’m sure that a few little things out.  In fact, I’m sure I left a lot of things out feel free to leave comments below to see if we can work out the missing details.

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