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punk bandFor those of you who have paid attention to the Facebook posts Know that I have been talking about dying my hair.  Through a voting system for the funds.  I also stated that I would be putting this online officially tomorrow but I got to thinking that why not do it right away.  After all, this is for good cause.  So here’s the way you vote you go to our donation page you will see a link to it in the upper right-hand corner of this website following it will load and then if you scroll down you will see the wish list.  There you’ll find a list of hair dyes that you are voting on the voting will run until the end of November, or one of the hair dyes reaches $1000.  That hair color will be the one I will die my hair for the whole time we are on this walk, but just for fun, and as a bonus to all you who participate in this donation vote the runner up color will be the color I dye my beard it will also last the whole time on the walk.  I will reapply the hair dye once every month to maintain color vividness.  Voting is open now so why not crack out your checkbook/credit cards and make a donation to a color that you would find embarrassing for me to wear or just humorous, it will be fun.

I should’ve also stated I will be dying the hair myself but if I can get a professional to do it the first time out.  I will video tape it and posted online.  Just for your enjoyment and my embarrassment.

We really do need the funds for this walk.  I mean how many times are you going to in your lifetime walk across the United States and this walk is supporting a few good causes.  One of them happens to be on what October is October is national breast Cancer awareness month.

Sometimes people need to think about others before they think of themselves for the little bit of help that we can provide to make a world of difference to the person who receives the funds.

As a side note.

We are still looking for staff members for promotional work in the previous post.  We listed all the states that we need promoters for if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

that’s all and have a good day and hope you enjoy reading these blogs for when the walk starts the format will change a little bit most the post will not be about preparation, but about the actual walk along with good photographs of things we see.

Have a good day and if you care please donate to the walk.  After all, we are walking across the United States.


photo by: LordKhan
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