12 states

free_high_res_texture_228We will be walking thru 12 states they are listed below.

  1. Florida
  2. Georgia
  3. Tennessee
  4. Kentucky
  5. Illinois
  6. Missouri
  7. Kansas
  8. Colorado
  9. Utah
  10. Idaho
  11. Oregon
  12. Washington

With the 12 states we do need some help with promoting this journey that we are undertaking.  What I was contemplating was one promoter per state due to the fact that they will be unpaid, but they are greatly needed.  For one, we are walking across the United States.  We will not be able to very much promotional work.  So yes, these are options for you to help us out.  What is required to fill this promotional position is to live in the state that were going through and help promote the walk.  You will also be responsible for a media contact in that state.  There is one of the thing about you doing this promotional work even though it is not paid.  It”ll give you a little bit of experience into promotional world and no we do not require you to have pre-existing experience.  It will look good on resumes and he”ll be away you can get involved in this operation.
If you would be interested in filling one of these positions, please fill out an application on the website.  Remember, this is a non-paid thing mean you will not get paid cash for doing this.  But, your name will be listed on the website as a staff member.  For those of you who are interested in search engine optimization.  That means you also have a page with information about you and it was can link to another site, as long as it is not pornographic or illegal in any way.

now with that out the way we are need of donations we have just over 90 days left before we depart on this journey and we are still lacking lots of gear.  The gear we are lacking is as follows.

  1. a tent.
  2. Sleeping bags.
  3. Backpacks.
  4. Ground cloth/pad.
  5. Raingear that is high visibility.
  6. Mess kit for eating and cooking.
  7. Weather alert radios.
  8. Seed money for food.  We just start out on this journey.

There are other things that we need too , but these are top priority items.

So with the economy the way it is.  I know some of you cannot donate, but at least until your friends who might be able to donate to us for we really do need these donations come in without the donations.  This will be a very dangerous journey so please donate.

Have a good day


photo by: calebkimbrough
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