Gear we need still

Again, I would like to apologize for the lack of posts last month.  I was busy helping with a few of the wildfires that we had out my county as a radio operator.


With time, getting sure before we depart on this journey of ours, there is still some gear that we definitely need to get.  Some of this gear is quite personal in nature.  Things such as a few pairs of shoes to pre-brakin for The Walk.  We also still need to pick up our tent for this journey.  The reason why we have waited so long to pick up the tent is we want to wait until after camping season.  That way the prices would be lower.  We still need to get a couple of sleeping bags +20° (what that means is that they”re suitable for climates which are 20° above freezing.)we will also need to be picking up suitable clothing for The Walk but most of that is when He personally selected by the individual.  We are also going to need still big up a camp stove of some sort or build one it does not have to be a major deal , but it does have to be able to be powered off alcohol due to availability of fuel.  Then there is our cooking containers and eating utensils including plates and bowls and cups.  We still need to get our hydration packs which bladders are in 3 L capacities.  Now these hydration packs do not need to be very big for all.  They will be carries a few personal items, and first aid kits.  As you can see we still have what a bit to get and we are not getting the donations we need to cover things so anything you can donate to us the form of cash would be greatly appreciated.

Weather alert radios are on our to get list.  There are three of them that I would like to pick up for this operation.  The first one.  I”m going to show you is the one that we want two of these will be used by Chad and Desmond.

This weather alert radio is intended to go into Athena has backpack.

The reason why we have chosen to go with three weather alert radios is due to their nature of safety.  We don”t want be on the moment nowhere and be surprised by a storm tornado, or what ever the reason for three of radio”s total is that it”s good to have multiple backups specially comes to something like this.

If you would like to purchase one of those items for us.  Instead of ordering it directly for us.  We would appreciate it if he came in the form of an Amazon gift card.  The reason for this is we don”t want to give more than we need.  When the money can be used elsewhere and we don”t want have to constantly up the previous blog entries.

Now this Thursday we plan on getting some business cards printed up.  We feel that it will be the best way to make sure people we run into on the streets can have our information for later contacting the website and they are smaller than full-page flyers.  Speaking of flyers if you look on the upper right-hand column, you”ll notice there”s a link to download our flyers feel free to download them and print them and give them to everybody you know gimp those that work.  What ever get the word out.  Our time is short.

Just because I haven”t done it yet.  I am going to be putting a YouTube video below.  It is our first promotional video that was put together.  It is in its raw form.  The sounds okay, but it was only shot by one person.  I should”ve posted this weeks ago.  I hope you enjoy the video.

As always, have a good day and if you can donate to us.

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