9 days till departure!

And we have *most* of the gear we need. I think the most important thing is for us to get going, and to take that first step. The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath our feet, everyday.


Let””s take a moment and think about where our next million steps will take us. Or our next thousand.

What about your next hundred steps?

How can you use the steps you take everyday, to change your world for the better?

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About Bean Walks Across America

This is about my travels with my pup Honey as we tour the USA on foot. It''s been a goal of mine to see the world, but I am afraid I haven''t actually seen my neighbors yet. I was inspired by Peace Pilgrim and Hobo Nick, among others. ______________________________________________________ There are a few reasons for my wanting to do this: *Promoting the open sharing of information *To listen, learn, and share this information *Finding America''''''''s natural beauty, and preserving it *And finally, to share with YOU how wonderful we really are, because we all need reminders of how helpful people can be Through this journey I will ask for nothing (though I will offer some trades) but as so many have before me, I will rely on the kindness of strangers. There''''''''s obv a lot more to this walk than I have said but here''''''''s the long and skinny. I found my right medication after being used as a guinea pig; spoke with more patients and found more med marijuana uses; spoke with MORE people and learned how GMOs are linked to common health issues; spoke with people and learned about how thoughts can change things; spoke with more people and taught them......... on and on... .... Eventually I saw that we as a people need to communicate more openly and freely. We need an open exchange of information to have any possibility of change throughout our country. This is my attempt at said change. ****************************************************** If I receive money, any proceeds will benefit the Legalization of Marijuana and Marijuana Reform. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ If Honey receives money, the proceeds will benefit a charity of her choosing. :) ****************************************************** Because we''''''''ll be leaving with minimal (if any) money, a portion of the donations will go toward the walk for things like Honey''''''''s medication, her food, our shoes, clothing, and other items which we will definitely need. ... With faith and bit of luck I won''''''''t need any money for food. ... That being said, anyone along the way who wishes to help, I am sure I''''''''ll appreciate any of the following: *Dried/fresh fruits *Dried Veggies *Nuts *Nut-Butters *Energy bars (Did someone say "Rawvolution"?) *Water *Juice *Trail mix *P B & J''''''''s Plus ANY vegetarian foods/drinks/snacks. The healthier the better! Honey will love: *Water *Dog food *Dog-friendly foods *Dog shoes We are still looking for a Doggie Backpack and a few other items which are listed on my page. Thanks so much! :) ______________________________________________________ Those of you who know me already are aware of how much I enjoy traveling- in fact, it has seemed to define my life for a while. Unfortunately I have tended to rely on my car, and have that nasty habit of not getting out and seeing things up close. This is my opportunity to change that. To get out of my comfort zone and talk to people. It''''''''s not easy for me to do that, and as a consequence I''''''''m afraid that in the past I have lost out on a lot. ______________________________________________________ On my westward trip, I ran across a sign in a ghost town (there was 1 man still living there...). I don''''''''t remember the exact words, but I saw its message immediately. The sign said basically, "We see nothing if we remain inside our cars" If nothing else, I intend to prove that point. ****************************************************** ****************************************************** Naysayers to Medicinal Marijuana, please read up before passing judgements. *** *** *** http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/07/27/34-medical-studies-proving-cannabis-cures-cancer/ *** *** *** http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/01/cannabis-for-infants-brai_n_2224898.html ***************************************************** email: [email protected]

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