108 days to go till we depart and still lacking funds


Rockin'''''''''''''''' the BridgeWe have approximately 108 days to go until we leave on this trip.  I know to some a year.  That seems like a long time but we’re still lacking massive amounts of funds for equipment, let alone the seed capital needed to get food while we are walking.

It is my birthday on the 18th of this month which is September now one thing that would be really nice for you to would be to donate $5 to $10 bucks to this operation does not asking for much money but it would help us out greatly on this endeavor.  Now if you feel uncomfortable using the donation link the we have on this website.  If you contact us through our contact page.  We will give you add PayPal address that you can use.

We are also looking for 14 people to help with promotions and publications for this walk.  That is one person per state that we will be walking through the idea here is to alleviate some of our time for training and getting ready along with making promotions easy to run while we are walking the reason for the 14 is to keep their workload to a minimum.  We do not require any experience with this to slow their motivation and dedication.  If you””d be interested in that.  Please fill out the application form on the website.

We have had problems getting good sponsorships or for that matter any sponsorships the reason for this is that we are not willing to pay $10,000 to get a nonprofit license number for negativity that is estimated to make more than $10,000 a year due to most people who make these trips averaging $20,000 a year we would be in the $10,000 bracket .  If the average was lower.  We would only be stuck paying $5000 instead of $10,000 and I feel those funds to be better spent for a one-time event.

The next section of this post is a bit off-topic of the main post.  The reason being is to help with search engine placement, but it should give good information, or you anyways.

What we’re doing is walking from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington. Now for any of our international readers that is diagonally across the United States of America. We will be facing many hazards on this trip some of those hazards include things such as foul weather.  But believe it or not my biggest fear has to do with venomous snakes along with large wild cats.

The reason for this trip is to raise money for Easter Seals, breast cancer, and veterans.  The funds will be divided as follows.

  1. Our expenses on the walk
  2. then 50% of what’s left to Easter Seals.
  3. 25% to breast cancer.
  4. 25% to the veterans.

now to clear that up.  Those percentages are based on the amount we have after expenses.

I do have a few questions to ask you though.  How may people you know have walked across the United States of America?  Would you be willing to let Someone pitch a tent in your front yard if he knocked at your door telling them about the strip?

as always, have a good day and if you can, please donate to us.  We do need the funds.


photo by: *~Dawn~*
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