High Pasture (Durmitor National Park), MontenegroI”ve been doing a lot planning about this blog and working on other things.  But I felt why do this walk there something that you have to do and I figured the needs be a way to let people know that”s what”s going on.  So what I”m going to be doing is you notice the name of this blog post is BDP and what that stands for is backdated post.  You see, when we are on this walk.  There will be times when we will not be to update the website but I would like every post done for every single day of the week that will help keep things in chronological order.  When reviewing afterwards they might make things a difficult read for some others, so I created this area/topic and calling it BDP because with word press I can tell it that the posting date was before the actual posting time and I will plan on using that that way anybody who starts reading this blog after the walk started will be able see how things went, day in and day out on the walk.  I”m hoping this does not cause too much confusion in the process but some people not understandable.  Others will think it”s a brilliant idea.  What”s your views on this?  Feel free to leave comments below to let me know.  After all, all the feedback will help improve this blog the way it looks and if you can”t tell your friends about us or even donate to us.  There”s a donation link in the upper right-hand corner of the website and if you were not aware of it.  There is also a link right below that to download a PDF file that is are flyers you can actually post it.

Have a good day

photo by: flatworldsedge
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