Sorry about the lack of posts

Over last month I know I have been fairly lazy now this is not because I given up on this project, mostly is due to getting new hardware and equipment for the walk. This last month I have gotten and start the setup process of the laptop lineup for this walk. I have had to install some software for this project along with training Dragon NaturallySpeaking and get used to Windows 8. I have to see this Windows 8 does not operate like all the other window operating systems have in the past. I am just now getting used to the way it functions. I am not going to write a review on Windows 8. For there are lots of websites out there and blogs that have done, but I do like Windows 8. I have also received a shipment of some more equipment and picked up for the walk a high visibility cooling vest the vest is a class 2 safety vest. Along with that I picked out a cooling hat and to cooling bandannas. The testing of that new equipment tells me that is pretty good and worthwhile investing in another set of them for Chad.

In the attached picture. You””ll see me sporting the new gear.

sporting the new gear

sporting the new gear

Some of the other reasons why a was lacking posts if you did not know Chad went into the hospital for surgery on his gallbladder. My 85 gallen fish tank decided to spring a leak. So I had to figure out how to patch the tank without draining it.

So as you can see this last month was kind of busy for me, so I wasn””t able to keep up with the blog posts. I hope you understand this and don””t take this as I””m a slacker or a quitter. Life seems to happen to all of us, from time to time.

I would still like to inform you, we are in desperate need of donations still and if you cannot donate, you can at least tell your friends about this project and or leave comments on the blog posts. As always have a good day

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