chris on palmI picked up a new GPS unit for this walk.  I am testing some of the software for it it is not a high end one. Explorist 310 it is a lower ends GPS but it had 2 NEEDED things long battery life it is rated for 18 hours on 2 AA I have now had it running for 28 hours non stop. We need that battery life!!!! the 2nd thing is it is mill spec ip7 30 minuets in 1 meter of water the other thing it is needed.

I was working today as a radio operator on a 100 mile bike ride I was at mile 60 on that ride.  I took Athena so she could get use to the bikes. She loved it and no acting up at all!!!  and I tested the GPS on trip recordings.  This is how it turned out.

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I still need to get the hang of this thing.  But the softwhere will GEO tage photos based on time stamp.  So we should be able to get some cool things on the walk with REAL locations of the shots!!!

photo by: tunaboat
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