Well, time is come for us to start seeking more sponsors. We will be writing a few letters to go off for future sponsors you see with summer fast approaching. We need to start. Some of more equipment together for training purposes. Along with making sure we have everything we need. Now, there are ways you can help us out on this one of the ways you can help us out is by giving us suggestions on who we should send letters to and if your company would be willing to sponsor us please contact us and we will work something out.

I am hoping sometime this week to get my proposal letter, written and sent off to REI otherwise known as Recreational Equipment Incorporated. I am hoping that we can get some cash donation from them or a discount on equipment that we pick up from them, preferably both of those factors would be nice.

We will also be trying to get sponsorship from a company that supplies outdoor equipment for canines that will help us out fit Athena with all the gear that she will.

We are hoping that we will start getting more donations in and sponsors in time for this trip to get all the gear together, that we need. With things being tight with the economy. I know this may be asking for a lot.

Anyways, have a great day and if you can, please donate something to us. If you can”t do that please follow us on Facebook and tell your friends about us and take part leave us feedback both on Facebook and this website.

Thank you

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