Disturbing feedback

I received some disturbing feedback on the blog the other day, I have come to the realization that my writing is kind of cryptic it hard to find we are about so I”m trying to figure out a way to make sure all the information is easily found the website without too much digging into it.  Some of the little changes I have made.  I have made it so on the homepage of the very bottom.  It does explain a little bit about our operation.  I have added a few areas into the FAQ.  I am also going to be making easier to find page that will explain the walk better.  I do not know where I”m actually going to place in the link whether it”s going to be on the top bar or if it”s going to be on the side list but it will be made.

I know over this last month it has been cash flow on blog updates.  Most of that is because I”ve been trying to figure out a good GPS unit to take with us on this walk.  I have a few models in mind right now.  The one I”m really leaning heavy on will run us $150.  I”m hoping to have that within the next couple months, sooner if we can get the donations to cover it.  See, we need to get the GPS unit relatively early on, so we can make sure all the software that we need to interface with the website will be functional and donations are a bit slow these days.  The only money that we have right now coming in for the walk on regular basis is my plasma donations which with $20 a week in gas and only getting $60 every week.  The reason a gain of $40 a week.  Then I have my $10 a month website fee to maintain this website so that money does not go very far because I also have to maintain enough money on the side just in case for some reason or another.  I am not able to donate when I go up there but it still cost me $10 in gas.

I really hope you guys are enjoying this website.  I have been putting a lot of work into it.  Trying to make it as streamlined and user-friendly as possible, but without feedback.  I cannot tell how effective I am being on this so please give some feedback to us and how were doing and tell your friends about us, and if you can donate to us.  We desperately need the funds.

Have a good day

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