Power Systems

we have a big challenge of us. So I”ve been working on a way to recharge our portable electronic devices. You know the simple things like your cell phone are radio, laptop computer, batteries for flashlights, MP3 player, and other like objects. Now most people will this take advantage of plug him into the electoral outlets at their house but unfortunately our house has wheels and no internal combustion engine to generate power, otherwise known as The MULE.

So in the process of trying to figure out what to do for our power needs. I was looking at some of the commercially available systems out there. Unfortunately most of those systems were not designed for something as strenuous as we will be putting it under so I have to design my own system. Now for some of you this would seem like a huge operation and it really is. I have spent a lot of time thinking about it and not really talking about by now have a solution for the problem size felt that was shared all with you and get your input on it.

What we will do for our power distribution system is get two deep cycle motorcycle batteries. We will be wiring them and with positive terminals to positive terminals. Negative terminals To negative terminals. What that will do is give us the equivalent power of one car battery. Now the reason why we have opted to go with two smaller batteries was that if there is a leak or a problem it would not take us out of commission. On that set up. We will be having an Amp meter and a voltmeter attached to each battery independently that way we can monitor our power systems operations.

How are we going to charge those batteries is what you probably are asking yourself well there is a photovoltaic system. The can get to charge him maintain car batteries and by getting to smaller size ones. It will allow us to have a backup just in case.

Now the breakout box will consist of a small power inverter, which will convert the DC power from the battery AC it will also have on it and accessory plug. You know the type that most call cigarette lighter sockets, which will be the preferred method to use. The only reason why we are going to have the small inverter is if we cannot find something designed to charge up from the standard DC circuits.

This whole assembly is going to have to be constructed in a box that will fit inside the MULE. That will provide protection for batteries and that small electronics from the environment and if one the batteries happens to rupture. It will take out our whole system.

Well, not the have an idea will work with be putting together for our power system. I have just one more thing to tell you before you go. That is we desperately could use some donations. If you cannot donate to us. Please tell your friends if you”d be interested in becoming a staff member, please thought the staff application on this website.

Thank you

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