February 1

I know it is a Friday but I need to do a post anyways.

I really don”t have much to say. Which is kind of a cardinal rule of blogging but you see we have not been getting proper donations to get the equipment that we need to get this walk moving. We have not been getting the proper feedback to help inspire us on what to write about in future blog posts.

For those of you who have stumbled across this through a simple search engine search. I feel I should tell you little bit about what we are going to be doing.

What we”re doing is walking from Homestead, Florida to Seattle, Washington with the whole intention of raising money for Easter Seals, breast cancer, and raise awareness to search and rescue. Now this little journey of ours is going to take as a were between 6 to 7 months to complete, I know some of you would say that”s a long time and I couldn”t do it. This truth to be told. I think most people could pull it off if they had outside support see that”s where this whole website comes into play.

See, this website was created to help draw attention to this walk before we actually start with the intention of getting more donations to pay for equipment before we actually start. unfortunately we have not been receiving very many donations and they are in desperate need to get.

So if you can, please donate something to us we desperately need the donations, if you cannot donate to us. Police tell everybody you know about us, because maybe they can.

Thank you

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