I know this may be able but off my normal subjects but it is definitely shorter than my last post but just as important.

I felt it was time important for me to do this because we are lacking a certain degree of third-party encouragement from people who know about us. No one has commenting on the blog post or the Facebook page like they should be and we do need this activity showing up because when we go after sponsors sponsors look at this to see interaction and without this interaction going on they”re going to think that we are just a waste of their time.

Some of the ways you can help us with the encouragement aspect is quite simple. One of the ways can do it is donate to us. I know that seems like a pretty drastic way but it. But I know how some people don”t like to talk much or type because they”re afraid of ridicule. I myself fall underneath this aspect to I think most people do at times. There are other ways to help and show support and encouragement. For instance, you can apply to be a staff member here we are lacking in all departments you can share this page with your friends either individual post or the whole website. You can test the QR codes on the side and let us know if there working or not.

Now if you do not want to encourage just because you feel our actions are quite stupid and lame but you want see how were coming along, anyways. Therefore, the free to keep up and watches anyways. You will also notice a subscribe link in the upper right-hand corner of this website. If you forget to check us out on regular bases and want to if you put in your e-mail address there. You”ll get all the posts a we make this website in your e-mail. That”s also weighed in encourage us because I do see the stats on how my subscribers we have.

You can also check out some of our links on our link page. They contain some good information for you. They”re kind of off-topic but issues that should have some attention drawn to them.

Now, I have just one little question to ask you. Have you done anything for somebody else with no strings attached? The reason why ask you this is kind of like this walk. That Chad and I are going on you see we are not doing this expecting to get rich or make lots of money. We”re doing it because it is the right thing to do.

You”ll also notice my posts lately have guy had pictures attached to them. I do apologize for this. For the plug-in. I was using is broken and it either as soon as he gets fixed or I find a replacement. There will be pictures attached to all blog posts.

As always, have a great day. Keep smiling and if you can send us a little bit of cash it all help out. After all, how many people do you know have walked across the United States?

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